Let me first preface this entire Rihanna stan-ish post by saying, “De gyal sexiness cyah done!” 

As always, for me at least, it’s always quite interesting to see what @badgalriri is up to next via her Instagram (with over 2 million followers by the way). This week, the Bajan bad gyal displayed her sexified self as she performed at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012. In addition to performances at the show, she took on separate modeling gig by posing with Supermodel Kate Moss for an upcoming V Magazine editorial. Then, her album Unapologetic drops on 19 November and the promo pic is simply call the ambulance sick!!!  SICK!!! All in all, chick just stays winning. Wanna see what I’m talking about? Let’s just check out a few pics.

Backstage pre-show candid
Rihanna kept it simple on the pink carpet wearing SS Miu Miu 2013. 
Attitude gyal 😉 as she performs 
Strut diva!!!
Fall favorite vampy lip on deck.

Now, the editorial Rihanna had with Kate Moss for an upcoming V Magazine editorial can totally be described as steamy!!! They both look phenomenal and might I mention that Rihanna is sure giving supermodel Kate a run for her modeling money.

The Unapologetic promo pic. Wicked!!!
 That lip though…Lurves it!

Just wondering, are you a RihRih fan/stan?


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