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What’s good in the hood? I really and truly hope all is well with you and yours especially with the New Year and all. 2013 looks fine and dandy no?! Clearly I took a break from blogging for a tad and tried to live life a bit while figuring out where I was going in life — both professionally and personally. I’m a work in progress ya’ll and I hope you can identify with me in some way. In figuring it all out, I had the opportunity pursue a little bit of interior design for a friend over the Christmas plus I won a contest held on Facebook by celebrity interior designer and reality TV star Nikki Chu (of which I’m sure I’ll still post about.) Wooohoo!!! Well, the win was that spark that lit a lil fire under my ass and gave me some encouragement to step out and just do it you know.

As with most serious decisions, there was a level of fear in pursuing what I surely had a bit of talent. So, after weeks of pondering I decided to create Gigi + Nini Designs. For now, it’s a blog that focuses on my interior design obsessions as well giving a peek into my journey/learning process of becoming a self taught accessories designer. Gigi + Nini Designs… has an awesome ring to it no? There is so much to learn, but I think I’m up for it. (Pray and wish me luck). Anyhoo, with that said, I hope that you can visit and join me on the Facebook page. It will mean a heck of a lot if you do. Also, you may notice that things are looking a bit different around there here parts. I’ve changed over to the WordPress platform and I’m working on making the blog more visually appealing and chock full of good content. So, officially, it’s back to your regularly scheduled fashion, and style obsessing program. You with me? Yes!!!!

Thus, enter the LURVE CENTRAL (pretty much like Grand Central — abuzz with activity, but here we’re just a hub of LURVE). I’ve been pretty much fallen in love with cobalt. It’s so bright and beautiful — puts a smile on my face every time I see it. Oh, and the orange and cobalt or white and cobalt togetherness, though a bit cliche, is super duper awesome-sauce. Trust!

Oh, and by the way, thank you for being that ‘down homie, lurver, friend, ride or die’ kinda dude/dudette. I see you all still passing though and giving mad love through email and the like. I see ya’ and appreciate it all. Thank you bews!!! Meh lurve yah!!!