2014-dreaming-gigi-and-nini-styleFIRST AND FOREMOST,  allow me to say, “Season’s greetings to you and yours.” I do hope that you all are beyond well. Much has happened behind the scenes in my absence here — some trials for which I am overcoming as well as some major triumphs which would be cause for much celebration. One of which, on a professional note, I am now a contributing writer for one of my favorite blogs, Fashion Bomb Daily lead by Fashion Journalist Claire Sulmers. In a previous post via my other blog, Gigi + Nini Designs, I spoke of dreams of eventually working with Claire in the near future. This week, I was officially introduced to the readers of FBD. I am humbled and grateful that I have the opportunity to gain experience and work with such a remarkable team. I have learnt a great deal thus far and for that I’m so remarkably thankful. Total, “Eeeek” moment indeed.


All this to say, in just a couple of days there will be a slew of resolutions made only to be abandoned in future weeks (heck, maybe in a couple of days if you’re the accelerator). This is not an assumption by the way. Resolutions and I are like that classic bad relationship: that make-up to break-up scenario. Maybe you too have travelled along the road of Broken Promises. This year, I’m not making the resolution as such but simply trying to be more committed towards attaining certain goals (of which I would have to actually create and eventually plan — Strangeland I must admit). For 2014, I would like to advance professionally by working with brands and even record labels. There are some goals on the personal side of things as well.

For you, is it that you want to network more? Drop that extra 10-20 lbs or finally be debt free? Or, maybe have the courage to begin a new chapter of your life by starting a new business? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it. We all need an accountability partner along the way — that person to encourage and uplift you when things seem as if they’re spiralling out of control. Let’s all think on a grand scale! Nowadays, when faced with fear or doubt, I only have to remember one thing. Tomorrow is never promised. Let’s dare to dream big and do big and great things in 2014.

Come on and sound off! I want to know all about your goals and dreams. Editor-in-chief-gigi-and-nini-style

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