Combine the relaxed island lifestyle and scenery of Trinidad & Tobago with the modern shopping conveniences of the United States and BOOM, you have stunning Puerto Rico.

It was all so last minute. My mind and soul were both screaming for a break from the hustle and bustle of it all. As the obedient sweetheart I am, I gave in and listened. It was a much needed break for me and the family. And we had a grand ole time in sweet Puerto Rico. Relaxing? Yes! Soothing? Affirmative. We spent resort of choice was the worldly gorgeous Gran Melia Puerto Rico. Can I tell you just how wonderful it was to be catered to? Every. Single. Day. The staff was so gracious and helpful. It was all so fabulous. At the end of the day, I truly believe that life experiences trump anything material. This is an experience my family will remember and most definitely cherish. Here’s just a few pics from our wonderful mini vacay.  I hope you enjoy ’em. 
Airport bound and stuntin’ in some gold kicks.
My mini me is super excited. Check out that super thick mane. Copped her entire ensemble from Target (Tarjay)
Call it the Midas Touch
Puerto Rico! I was so super geeked to see mountains again. Didn’t even realize that I missed it. 
It was a bit overcast when we arrived . Nonetheless, we were excited to be on our way to our Red Level Room at the wonderful Gran Melia Golf Resort – Puerto Rico
Met a lil friend along the way. I called him, Verde ūüėČ
The beauty of the architecture. Oh, and I just loved being surrounded by the coconut trees. 
We reach! Tell dem we reach *IwerGeorgeVoice* 

The decor of the YHI Spa. I will love to recreate this look at home.
6:45 am and I’m already in the pool. Le life right?!
An island staple, the Crotton plant
Chillin on just one of the many Bali Beds on the resort
And that’s about it! We had a remarkable experience and I’m so love with Puerto Rico. Honestly I can’t wait to return. Until the next, I’m focusing on creating remarkable life experiences. What about you? 

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