Just take a look at that precious face. She is so utterly remarkable and the best combination of the hubby and I. Maybe I have mentioned it before, but I really, really love my ‘chile’. She is so smart and her future is so, so very bright. She was born GREAT!!!

As you may recall, I started this blog partially because of her. As she grows, I envision that some time in the future into the gracious and fearless woman she was born to be, she would look back on a post like this and read it and know just how much her mommy was driven by her and how much I was influenced by her. Because of her I want to be a better person. I want to give more, be more, see more, feel more — oh and fear less. After all, I should be one of her role models right? After all, she is my mini muse and I should be her medium sized muse, no? 😉 I want to be fearless and strive for more and be genuinely happy in all aspects of my life.

Lately though, I’ve felt somewhat stagnant professionally and creatively. In my mind swirled thoughts, ideas, and plans but at the end of the day, if execution is not there consider that deal dead and done. Simple.

In my semi frustration, I kinda just tossed things aside to put my thoughts in perspective. How do I progress? How do I make this dream of mine a reality given my obstacles (not limitations). How do I manufacture? How far do I really want this to go? Simply forgetting about being perfect and doing things perfectly. Instead, I’m trying to create excellent habits – from organizing, time management, and all that jazz. I acknowledge fear but I’m choosing to be bold and I’m hoping that some of you can identify with me. I really do. At the end of the day, I need to outshine myself ’cause I got this little girl watching (and learning from me). My inspiration is never far away. i

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