Sharing is caring. At least that’s what some good ole soul said or maybe it was just Oprah. At any rate, I’m all about the caring simply because I love ya’ll. Now, don’t look at a sistah gurl thinking, “that chick is cray, cray” because I’m wearing a down coat, bare legs and shiny thang stilettos in the heat of summer though I live for juxtapositions. I think I almost shed 59.99lbs from the mini sweat session that went down but it’s all for the fashion sharing good. When there’s a sale with such remarkable ninja slashing prices, baby, I’m so there. So…

When I came across the major going out of business sale at Daffys 57th and Madison Avenue location, I could not contain my self. And though it’s sad to see one of my favorite discount retailers shut its doors and say buh bye, it means that we can all share in some ‘shut up and call me Suzzay’ type shopping action. Case in point, this hooded army green DKNY three quarter down jacket, originally $220 marked down to $99.99.

DKNY army green down coat on trend and I’ve got it on lock!
Then that $99.99 was slashed even further by another 40% and BOOM!!! $59.99. You cannot. Go. Wrong. This is the final week of sales. Find yourself a Daffys store in your vicinity and kung fu those prices. Run. Don’t walk!

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