The color of Kiddies Carnival 2012 as displayed by this individual 
Usually when Labor Day rolls around in New York City this is what usually happens. 
Pause…wait for it…BOOM!!! Nothing. *insert loud snores right here…slapping snooze button repeatedly*. Save the occasional summer party or BBQ, I usually prefer to chill on the ‘carnival’ on the Eastern Parkway activity mainly because I’m not of that #parkwaylife. 

Simply put, #parkwaylife cannot compare to the carnival of Trinidad and Tobago. It just can’t. I’m biased and I know it (you know I speak only the truth). However, this year I decided to throw biases into the breeze and venture out just a tad and register the mini me to partake in Kiddies Carnival mainly because she’s been relentless of informing her father and I just how much she wants to play “Car-nahval.” As parents, we were super-duper excited to see our child be indoctrinated into another aspect of our Trinbago culture. We were ready to watch her dance to her favorite soca song Bacchanalist while singing, “Everybody watch me! I’s a bacchanalist, I’s a bacchanalist…” Time to play mas!!! *insert teardrops here______*

Well folks, that’s where this happy story of imagined costumed revelry ended because apparently the person in charge of the mas camp forgets children’s costumes at home on the day of Kiddies Carnival
*blank stare o_0* Though highly unamused, I was determined to make sure that our little one enjoyed herself to the max. A few sweeps of eyeshadow here, some lipgloss there, and she was in the thick of things. Here is just a peep of what we saw.
The smile on her face. The colors of carnival. This is mas!!!
No costume, but still happy for a little eyeshadow action. Car-nahval!!!
Mini me’s bestie was also quite the trooper.
No carnival costume wearing friends. #TheyWillLast #Love
Photos via Giselle C. Thomas
We still happened to enjoy ourselves given the situation. I look forward to her playing mas next year Until then though, I’ll hope and pray that we’ll have a happy onetime costume having ending ’cause at the end of the day, it’s all about ‘de mas.’



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