June Ambrose in a Jay Alexander Rose hat

It’s always exciting to see what famed celebrity stylist June Ambrose is up to next. If you’re a social media follower of the always busy rockmom, you will know know that she moves with the quickness and with great style intension. From photo shoots to wardrobe pulls, June is always on the move, yet seems to keep it all at an enviable balance. (I must ask her how she maintains such balance in a future post). But speaking of enviable things, last week June showcased this hat that gave me military chic urban jungle goddess. I wanted it. BAD!!!

So I took to good ole’ Twitter to inquire about the designer. Always ready to answer questions from her Twitter fam, June revealed that Jay Alexander Rose created the stunning number, though I was unable to get much info about him other than his twitter handle @JayTheMadHatter and his freshly created Facebook fanpage. I reached out to him for the deets, and I’m sure to update you as the info comes in.
So, in the meantime and in between time, let’s absorb the styling prowess of Ms. June (my e-mentor). *wavingHeyJune* 
In addition to lusting and salivating over my future hat, please peep June’s lashes in the final pic. It’s like #LashSteroidsOnAHundredThousandTrillion!!! Want it!!!

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