The Red, White and Black — the colors of my national flag. The national flag of Trinidad and Tobago is on display for world by female hip-hop sensation Nicki Minaj. As you may know, Nicki Minaj was also born in Trinidad and Tobago and she is now showcasing just a fraction of our very diverse culture in her new Pound The Alarm video. The colors, revelry and beauty of the people and of Trinidad and Tobago carnival (which I totally long for) are on full display. To experience Trinidad and Tobago carnival is to experience freedom as it was meant to be. Inhibitions are lost, enemies become friends, even if it’s just for a few minutes, in order to just to ‘thief a small wine’. Hot sun, liming with friends, sexy men and women in even sexier costumes all converging to dance and wine, and ‘have a time’ during the Greatest Show on Earth. Nostalgic much? And the best part you ask? Well other than the intro being played on the steelpan (our national instrument), it will be the end where she puts the flag up against her face. Love it!!! Trinbago to the world!!!

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