Pushing Through Limits

My how time flies when you’re having fun super busy. It’s already Thursday and this is the first day of the week that I’m getting to connect with you. Please forgive me. With school, home stuff, plus finding a little time just for me, things can be a bit hectic.

Between “trying” to be inspired and designing a bag made from that inspiration seemed to be more than just the average task. For me being inspired wasn’t really the big issue…I think. Applying the inspiration to the design was the hurdle to cross. I know that some kind of texture had to be included cause I’m a sucker for texture. My professor, the oh so talented and inspirational Bliss Lau (more to come about this fabulous woman) is pushing me through what I thought my limit would be. She said something that made me really think. She said, “Nobody needs another soul-less bag.” Then a convertible clutch to handbag came to mind. I started cutting and sewing and making. This is how I’ve been progressing thus far.

I totally enjoyed the studding part of the bag. Totally!!!

I’m still not totally done, but I’m getting there. There is still lining to be added in addition to a detachable chain which allow the clutch to be converted to a really cute bag…hopefully 😉 I’m trying hard to push through my limits. Let’s see how this turns out 😉

PS. Missed y’all nuff 😉


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