Stripes, High, Lows And Lots Of Love

Truth be told, I live for the weekend. This past weekend I had the chance to hang out a bit with my mini me and have a little fun. After heading to a dance recital, we tried to enjoy Brooklyn as much as we could before the rain put a major damper on our outdoor exploration. But it was ALL good in the BK hood! Now, my mini me is a ‘dress girl’ all day everyday. So, I simply followed her flow and donned a ‘dressy dress’ (according to her). After all, a diva has to keep up with the youngin’. My H&M high low dress was such super easy option at quite the steal. I added some accessories and BOOM! Dunzo!!!
Rings via H&M, Cuff via Forever 21
Taking directions from my photographer who promptly told me to hold her bag of chips.
“Walk slow mummy!” she said. She’s so talented.
Simply Us!

Even though I’m into fashion, style and all the crazy hullabaloo of life, it’s the simple things that really truly make me happy. The smile on my mini me’s face and my family (shout out to the Boo — Hey boo thang!!!) trump everything. And there you have it. Some stripes, some highs, some lows and LOTS of LOVE!!!


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