Nail Art And Thangs

Hey Lurvers!!! It’s quite the rainy day here in New York. It’s that kind of day where you curl up in bed and order movies from Netflix. Maybe even have a cup of hot chocolate — the kind of hot chocolate where the whip cream towers and you open your eyes wide in sheer excitement of  having to lick it before topples over. All of this while dressed in a big t shirt, comfy slacks, and warm bunny slippers. Ah…the power of imagination.

Movies, bunnies and hot chocolate aside, I just wanted to do a mini update on my nail art and ‘thangs’. If you follow me on Instagram at gigiandninistyle (check me out here on Followgram), you will quickly realize that I have quite the obsession with nail art. For the past couple of months, I’ve been rocking some stiletto shaped nails and I was loving it. I even bling’d out the my index finger last week for some extra DRAMA!!! *caps are necessary with me at times, after all — DRAMA!!!* As I told my mini me, for her, the bling’d nail was “The Finger Of Instruction.” The bling added a combination of style and emphasis ;-). For example, “Little girl, take off that tele and get to bed!” or “Come here sweetie pie and give mummy a kiss!” You know that type of thing mummy commanding basics? So, why not command in style? Anyhoo, check out the nail steez;-)

The Finger Of Instruction with the Gigi+Nini Tuff Gyal bracelet on the wrist.
Then I saw this ImNails Instagram pic and was totally bouncing off the walls with anticipation to cut those suckers for something a little less in yo’ face. Plus that dang David Yurman smoky quartz diamond ring was looking all types of style drool worthy delish. Yum and O. So, I cut ’em — call it cyber peer pressure (thanks David and ImNails.)
Nails by Celebrity Nail tech Nita of ImNails (Twitter @IMNAILS)

Of course, I had to spice them up with some neon and glitter. Honestly, I still have to get accustomed to it and I kinda miss the clickity click clacks of my longer nails. I think I may need to reshape them so that they are not so square — round them off a bit to be a little more sqoval (the in between nail shape of square and oval).

So, what  do you think? How have you been rocking your nails? Inquiring minds want to know 😉 
PS. Whatever you may be up today, I hope that you’re feeling great. Hugs to my lurved ones.


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