Remixed Clutch

Happy, happy Wednesday y’all!!! I know I’ve been out of sight for a little while but I sure hope that it wasn’t an out of mind situation. How have you all been? What have you been up to? I’d honestly like to know. I missed you all and blogging terribly but it’s all for a good cause. Promise. Remember last December when I whipped a little tote? It was a good attempt seeing that I still just cut and sewed the item in the way I think it should be cut or sewn — no pattern, no measurement just eyeballing it. My process or lack there of is as organic as it comes. So one night I was so extremely antsy and I knew it wasn’t that third cup of coffee I had for the day since coffee to me is like having a glass of wine — I relax #hardcore. I justwanted to create something. There was no canvas to  paint and insufficient material to make jewelry. There was some scraps from my last ‘handbag designer’ attempt and a very old and worn out necklace that I was about to be trashed. So I pulled out the Brother sewing machine and got to tinkering. I envisioned it and got to it. Here’s how it progressed…

Scrap Exhibit A (beautiful pattern)
Scrap Exhibit B
Necklace about to be trashed
The sewing begins with the shape of the clutch I envision
A view from the inside
And there you have it. The finished product…which was actually SOLD to this lovely lady coworker of mine!!!

Yayyyyyy! It was never my intension to sell it since, in my opinion, I needed to execute it better. The hubster thinks that I’m extra hard on myself and I actually agree with the brotha’. Sometimes you just have to let it go and just see where it goes you know? And you know what’s even crazier is that I’ve had a few orders on future bags. 0_o Wowzer #StateOfShock. So now I’m shook and seeing the potential. Since then, I’ve been researching and learning like crazy. From classes to networking events to registering a business the whole 10 yards of it. How I see it is one thing. Now its all about the plan and execution. I’m so intrigued by the design process and the production aspects that I’ve been basically bag stalking. #Obsessed. Because at the end of the day, dreams without plans are nothing but wishes — and wishes are for BISHES!!! THE END BEGINNING and I’m happy that you’re with me for the ride. Have you been totally out of the blue been obsessed with any creative process? Talk to me 😉 Lurve y’all!!!


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