Bustin’ Moves To Rihanna’s "Where Have You Been"

Where have you been all my li, i, i, i, i, fe???? I think I missed an i, somewhere there but whose really keeping check? Needless to say that “Where Have You Been” is notably one of my favorite track off Rihanna‘s Talk That Talk offering. The boom-boom base coupled with the House feel of this track really makes me want to bust out my dancing shoes. #ToTheRescueHereIAm. No seriously, I love this song so much that I think come summer, I could clear deck space, dance floor, boom boom room whatever have you. Boom. Boom. 1 and 2 and what!!! Oh, and add a lil “Boom Kack!” for emphasis — just so you know I’m serious. *straightface* Choreographed by HiHat of HiHat Productions, the rehearsal video seems to have a chock load of ‘bus’ a wine movements (of which I can readily identify), with quick and aggressive footwork. Let’s just say I’m really anticipating the premiere!!! *SauntersOffToVidGirlStyleToFindDancingShoes #BOOM What do you think of the song?



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