I Call This One…Updated

IT’S WEDNESDAY!!! Happy hump day lurvers. How has your week been thus far? I do hope that you all are smashing-ly GREAT ’cause you know I LURVE y’all. Lately, I’ve been just been feeling a bit ‘blah-ish’ when it came to makeup and my hair. See, I’ve had my hair short for a very, very, very…long time (about 15 years), so sometimes it can all seem a bit monotone (and who really wants to be stuck style wise). You know what I mean right? I wanted an update, a new ‘do’ with pizzazz and flair and all the necessary ‘hauteness’ the heart and mind desire while maintaining it as a short coif cause Lord knows that my husband doesn’t get down with any ambition of long ‘hur’. Homie don’t play that!. Truth be told, short hair works for me. I thought about a close ceasar cut like Eva Marcille but I think my head is shaped kinda funny for such a close cut. Then I thought about a color update, and BAM !!! The answer became the update. So, with the quickness I visited my trusty hairstylist Michelle for her to do the do to get the new do (or something like that). And this my friends, is the result…
Pow! How you like me now!!! Copper tones on a ‘hunnit’ thousand, trillion!!!
The front has been colored in this really warm copper-ish type ready for summer greatness goodness. And can I tell you just how much I’m loving it? The fact that it’s so very to maintain on a daily basis makes it most definitely a win win situation. Ladies, you know that feeling you get when you have your hair laid. There’s an extra pep in the step when all is good in the hair hood.
And speaking of ‘peps’, last night I was unexpectedly prompted to try something different with makeup. While cleaning out the makeup case, the mini me walks up to me (after watching me count my lipsticks) and says, “Mommy, I bet you don’t have any blue lipstick.” Now, why did she have to say blue. 0_o Who wears blue lipstick anyway? So, I decided to kinda get creative. I had this blue eye shadow that has not been touched in this history of ever #LikeAVirginHee *MadonnaVoice* I took one my brushes and started to pack the powder onto my lips and there was a lot of packing to do. Eventually, my whole lip was colored blue (to mini me’s delight) but I wanted something more. Because of how dry my lips felt and looked with just the eyeshadow, I added some lip gloss to the mix which gave the look some life. And this is the look (the pic is via my Instagram (gigiandninistyle) so the color is a bit skewed). I only wish that I added a winged eyeliner to pull the look together.

I was happy to be challenged (by mini me of all persons) to do something new. It may not be something that I’ll do on a daily, but it gave me a chance to improvise and think outside the box. Have you tried or plan on trying anything new? Are you thinking about having ‘updates’ done? Come on and share 😉


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