ACCESSORY REPORT: Envelope Clutches Under $100

Magnificent Monday lurvers!!! How did you spend your weekend? Whatever you did, I hope that it was thoroughly enjoyable . After all, sometimes it’s just the simple things that matter you know. For me, I took some time to continue celebrating my lil Nini’s fifth birthday and organizing…well…stuff — specifically bags. Yeah, and I do have a few. *Phew*

Now ladies, you know how we usually roll. We carry around a bag with everything under the sun — ’cause you never know if, on a rainy day with thunder and lightning, your friend may just need that extra cute umbrella you have stashed away in the side pocket ’round the corner of that big ‘ole but cute bag. And because you are a caring amiga, you don’t want said friend walking around  with a busted ‘wet fowl’ hairdo. #NoBueno *insert shame face.* Ok, so I know I must sacrifice all the extra-ness with the contents of the bags. In order to put a halt to the heavyweight madness, I scoured around for some bad ass envelope clutches (no extra umbrella for me — woo hoo!!!) — only the necesarry required. Clutches are functional, easy to carry, and with the right color and or texture, it can be used utilized as just part of a show-stopping ensemble. Great part about these here finds? They are all under $100. Check, check, check ’em out!!! Yeah, I double as a part time rapper. WORD TO THE MUH!!!!!!!!

And there you have it! Lightweight, functional, on trend and under $100. I’m loving them all. Which ones are you feeling? 

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