It’s The Simple Things

Clearly breakfast wasn’t ready but I had to have my morning cup of ‘act right’ aka coffee.

Style isn’t only about fashion. It is a natural flair that is translated into the simple things that we do — even on a daily basis. Something as simple as having that daily cup of coffee or tea can be a quite a ‘stylish experience’. There’s something about having that first cup ‘o joe where I feel totally relaxed and at ease. After that, my day can then truly begin. So why not make breakfast, lunch and dinner an event? Why not create a feeling of indulgence in your home without the hefty restaurant prices? And though it would a super high five plus if you can cook your butt off, it may not even have to go that far 😉 (Trust me, just something as having new plates or cutlery make me want to cook even more — yeah, weird right?) Just plating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a beautiful plate can take a regular ole’ sandwich to a Sandwich Du Jour status, feel me? And the great thing about it is you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve such a look — which in turn leads to  a great feeling. This week, I got some restaurant type looking plates, platters and cups from Homegoods. The four piece dinner plates were $16.99 and the four cups were $9.99. Now, for a stylish at-home experience, how can that be beat? Just take a peek to the success of these styling plates.

Blueberry scones, cheesy eggs, strawberries and a glass of orange juice = Breakfast heaven. Next time though, I will include mimosas to make it a fab at home dining experience.

At the chance of sounding Oprah-ish (which really isn’t a bad thing) I say create the experience and enjoy it — soak it all up! Inhale it if you can. Appreciate it. And understand, sometimes it’s really about just about the simple things. What are your simple pleasures? Please share. 😉

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