Street Style Fashion Roundup From Fall 2012 Runway Shows

FASHION WEEK ROCKS!!! The anticipation for all the latest offerings from our favorite designers is ever present. “Whose clothing really looks RTW (ready to wear); whose going to have that must have quirky accessory; who will I have to Tanya Harding off the runway because I had to snatch that must have sky high stiletto and make a mad dash getaway?” are just some of the questions that swirl around in my head. But other than all that designer collection runway stuff, one of the main visuals I anxiously await would is view from the streets — the street style fashion. 
Here we get to see how influencers piece their pieces together. Attention to detail is of paramount importance. In my mind a hat can never be just a hat; a pair of shoes can never really be just a pair of shoes. These accessories become magical — like in a Harry Potter movie where sometimes regular ish has the power to change the world and those who are surrounded by it example, the invisibility cloak. Remember that? Magical. Accessories have the ability to make or break an entire ensemble. Pairing a print with small details with another with opposing details usually isn’t by happenstance. So too are color pairings —  how will a monochromatic scheme look versus one of contrasting color? Every ring, clutch, nail polish color, precious metal, sequin and kick ass shoe — from stiletto to sneaker, has an extreme role to play. Just take a look of how all these styling aspects come together in the best street style fashion roundup from outside the Fall 2012 runway shows. Via Tommy Ton of (I kinda live there ;-). 

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