Office Swag Update

Lately, I’ve been spending more time in my little office space and I’ve been meaning to swag it out a bit. After all, it is the place I go to relax and chill for a bit. It’s been a bit bare except for some artwork I’ve created which have yet to be framed. So, this past weekend, I headed out to one of my favorite home goods store, Home Goods as evidenced here. I just LURVE the place. Trust me, Home Goods never, ever disappoints, for there is something for every aesthetic under the sun. Though I’ve just used one of the accessories from the loot, it makes a world of difference. Here’s a peep of the picks. 
Beautiful accessories from Home Goods
My inspiration wall comprises of some of my art work — from photography to fictitious magazine covers I designed, to handwritten typography.
I’ve tinkered with framing some of the images, but for now I chose to use the wall as a big inspiration wall where the pieces are changeable with the quickness 
It’s quite a pleasurable place to be in and work from — especially with my the scent from my favorite candle as I sip some tea. It’s beyond relaxing and I love it. Do you have a relaxation space or nook that you can swag out with an accessory or two? Please share and tell me all about it!

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