Ash Winona Wallabee High Heeled Boot…

Isn’t it the best feeling ever to find a great deal then ultimately purchase it? By now you all will know just how much I can appreciate a good deal. So while browsing online, I came across these Ash Winona Wallabee High Heeled Boots — eflips!!!! Check it out!

There was a deep, deep, deeeeeeeep, discount so I couldn’t help but to purchase and add to my boot family. It really appeals to the rugged lady in me 😉 By the way, can I tell you how extremely comfy they are? Well, they are. If there was a foot heaven, I could say that my feet would most definitely be there.(And the angels sing #Comfort.) Of course, I love sharing all my finds with y’all. Unfortunately, they are so done at the website I bought them from. But if you’re loving them, like I’m loving them, you can get a pair here


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