Moving Along In My Accessory Du Jour

There’s no denying that ish happens. You see that pic above? Yeah. That one with my gangsta screw face  Lord knows I would have loved to throw a bottom row, diamond filled grill up in there for dramatic effect. Oddly enough, I was quite a happy camper though I was in a bit of discomfort. You see, I have added a semi-new accessory to the heavy hitting arsenal of styling gadgets. Statement making? Yes! Effective? Affirmative! Introducing my ultra chic knee brace 0_o Oooohhh how fashion-y and stylish. 😉
But seriously, on occasion I’ve been forced to display this bad boy to the world’s knee brace adoring populous. Oh yeah, it squeaks too!!! The thing is, I have a torn ACL that makes my knee feel more than a tad unstable at times. And though it may be assumed that I attained my yeah I have a torn ACL I’m a super sports star injury while putting down some really fantastic game winning maneuver while playing some uber physical sport, alas — no! Shameful enough, it all went down during another stamina enduring activity. Carnival. It happened a couple of years ago (circa 2000) during a Republic Bank fete. There I was, doing my heavy duty wine (serious dancing here people) on the Mr. (my hubby, then boyfriend) and having a heck of a time. Soca superstar Machel Montano took the stage and of course, the door to “FRENZY” was kicked the hell open. The music started playing. The song was Water Flowing. The man on my left was jumping and kicking to the beat. The man’s foot clad in heavy boot somehow connected to my right knee. The knee buckled, then popped. The I, was on the ground…in pain. Ouch!!! The party and soca lover in me would not allow me to sit along the side lines though. I got up, hobbled along in pain and cast wines upon the Mr. as necessary. Since then, I’ve had more great days than not so good ones. I’m moving with the flow, which brings me to this new lip color I tried this weekend. It’s Saint Germain by MAC Cosmetics, and boy do I love it. FAB.U.LOUS.
It so kicks up the sexy factor, and to me, you can never go wrong there 😉 It can be a bit on the pasty-ish looking side if you, well…paste it on. But I just used it sparingly and applied some MAC Clear Lipglass over it. #BOOM. For the eyes, I just used one of my favorite MAC Cosmetics eye shadows in Amber Lights (as used here) and did a very simple winged eyeliner. Simple, cool, and effective.
So, that’s how I’m rolling. What have you been up to? Any newly acquired accessories I need to know about? Let a sister know 😉

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