Calling Kim Myles: A Lesson In The Art Of Mixing Things Up

Kim Myles
It was 11:58 a.m. (EST) and my heart was pounding ‘hella’ hard. I tried to stay focused, but my mind was telling me “No!” (insert R. Kelly voice here). I needed to get it together — somehow. 11:59 a.m. It’s time to start dialing this telephone number. I wondered if she would even answer. She probably forgot about this lil ole interview. Afterall, she is The Kim Myles, interior designer, winner of  HGTV‘s reality television show Design Star (Season 2), style maven and hairstyle chameleon. The dialing finger got to dialing. My hands are a tad sweaty. #CallMeNervousNelly. At 12:00 noon, I listen as the phone rings on the other end. It rings again for a second time. I’m praying that I don’t get stood up — even for a telephone interview, this can mean the breaking of hearts. Then, just before it comes to complete third ring, I hear…”Hi, this is Kim.” Eeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!! I just about died. Her voice is warm, upbeat and bubbly. She can easily be that girlfriend you call just to ‘shoot the breeze’ with. Things were going to be great here on out.

See, Myles has been my BFF (in my head) for a while now. I informed her of our lovely friendship.She laughed heartily. Not the hearty “You must be kidding me!” laugh, but in a warm, “Girl, you so crazy!” kinda way. I could dig that.

I wanted to know more about her and life after Myles of Style. If you remember, my first post about interior design featured a room Myles designed from an episode of HGTV’d. (Refresh yo’ mind here.) It’s a room with such beautiful and effortlessly stacked layers that I had to wonder about her inspiration(s) when creating spaces or designing rooms — especially while on a budget. “I gain inspiration from everything. Growing up we didn’t have the most expensive things so I let my imagination run free. With financial limitations, there isn’t a lot of room for extra. I have a champagne taste on a beer budget. Taking the simple, the mundane, working around corners and transforming it to something that makes a powerful statement…without having to spend a fortune. I’m passionate and enthusiastic about not spending a lot. Its all about harnessing your creativity and passion.”

It is a passion that is divided though. Most will know that Myles was a professional hairstylist who spent thirteen years in New York honing her styling skills. Ever the hairstyle chameleon, she is always on the cutting edge when it comes to her love of design — hair design. “I love doing hair. It’s sculptural and it’s visual.” I inquired as to what her standout moment was as it related to hair while she was on the show. “Fifteen days after winning Design Star we moved from New York to L.A. We were working 80 hour weeks. I would miss it [doing hair] so much that I would take my scissors to set and give trims to the production team.” It’s a conflict of passions that we may encounter at some point in life and Myles addresses it accordingly. “People kept saying that I should just pick one. Two years ago I admitted to myself that I really missed doing hair. I finally just listened and reconnected with that part of me. I had to follow my passion.” Following that passion has led Myles to sharing her expertise via online publication Organic Beauty Talk, a leading source for organic and natural beauty products. 

Images via Pinterest and Kim MylesNo question, style and design run through her veins. While on the show, her clothes and accessories forever looked super fresh, clean, crisp yet contemporary with a vintage flair. Once again, it’s all about the layers and visual presence. Admittedly, the curvy 5-footer is, “inspired by fashion”. When it comes to shapes and forms of clothing, “I’ve worked out a very strict silhouette. Always a nipped waist or a dress that skims just below the knee.” Myles is quite fascinated with designer Rick Owens’ “beautiful, glam, sleek, and tailored” clothing options. She loves the big brands but will readily admit that she’s not a “brand snob”. “I love Target.  Banana Republic and J Crew  have great price points and you definitely get value for your money. “
Stylistically, she has it all wrapped up — from decor to DIYs to hair. Myles has mastered the art of mixing things up, both on and off screen. I called Kim Myles and she answered. For that, I’m totally appreciative. 
If you’d like to be on the ‘up on up’ with Kim Myles, you can visit her newly re-designed website here or for her ideas on inspired living, check out her contributions over at House of Fifty as well as The Well Dressed Home. 



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