Hello, hello, hello, beautiful people. It seems like its been forever no? I hope you had a wonderful weekend doing what you intended. For me, the weekend was a hectic one, but I was happy to get some things checked off what seems to be an infinite ‘to do’ list. Things. Are. Happening. And for that, I am extremely thankful. 
This past Saturday, I had to venture into Manhattan since I wanted to get a lil ‘shape up’ from my wonderful hairstylist Michelle. You know how it is with the short do’s  right — gotta keep that mark right. 😉 I must admit, it was quite struggle to get out the door since the slush from the snow and I aren’t BFFs you know? But, I forced myself to leave the comfort of my warm and cozy apartment to head out into the deep freeziness (yeah I a make words up to. #Talented). Armed with my camera, I was determined to take some pics of what I found interesting. As you all know, I am heavily interested and appreciative of good photography. You know the kind of photography that makes one think, “Wow”, “Oooh” or “Hmmmm.” I’m not sure if I have achieved any of the responses I previously mentioned, but I would like to think that I’m getting there — even if it’s somewhat. I can’t get any better at photography if I don’t practice right? Here’s just a snippet of all the goody goodness. I’ll curate and I do hope you enjoy. 
 Looking at the snow so closely reminded me of having shaved ice on a very HOT summer day. Spring soon come. #Optimist
I was captivated by the different shades of like colors. Each color lends itself to such vibrancy. I totally dig the texture too.

I achieved some blurriness while practicing depth of field techniques. More practice needed.
Yet another day to hop on the train. It takes me where I need to go — delayed at times but still moving. #LIFE
RED DOOR #ElizabethArden
I’m corny like that at times. This red door was just screaming to be photographed. I obliged. 
After my shape up, I headed over to Kati Thai Cuisine for the some great Thai food. Truly, their food is amazing. I wanted to capture their sign but ended up catching a perfect blue sky in the background. I was happy about that.
Kati Crispy rolls are just that. Crispy. Oh and tasty. Absolutely delicioso. #GreatCombo

This must be one of my favs. It’s amazing to me that the dude crossing the street, was well crossing the street. There was movement, yet he looks STILL. The cop car was in motion too and it looks it. What do you think about this?

On my way home from what turned out to be a great day, I was treated to the sounds of Underground Horns as they played at Union Square – 14th Street. Their sound is a mix of Jazz, Afro funk, Bhangra, Reggae and Hip hop. Needless to say, it was a treat to the ear and quite ear-gasmic. They had cds on sale too and of course I needed to do myself a favor and give myself a gift of relaxation by buying two. I shot some video so you could get a taste of their sound here. #ThePowerOfMusic can make a man skank/dance in the middle of Union Square
What’s good about this little venture is that I had the opportunity to sharpen my photography skills while gaining some artwork for some of my bare walls. It’s definitely a win win.So that’s it in a nutshell. So that’s it in a nutshell. What did you do this weekend? I’ll really like to know 😉

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