I’m a bacchanalist from long time. Ask anyone who really knows me and the answer will be an affirmative. In case you were wondering what really is a bachannalist, let me inform you. From a Trini perspective, a bachannalist can probably be defined as someone who indulges in the act of bacchanal (an occasion of drunken revelry). Now more than ever, as carnival draws near, this act bacchanalia is in hyper-overdrive.Working overtime. The fetes, the all inclusive parties, the vibrant colors of costumes, the revelry with friends and random handsome dudes and dudedettes — it’s all in the FUN of Trinidad & Tobago carnival. And every year, there is at least one song that I LURVE to all ends. It’s a song that will allow me to lose my inhibitions and take a small wine (aka act of rotating the hips — Trini style) on the train dressed in all my winter attire. Bacchanalist by soca sensation Kerwin Du Bois is that song for me this year. And trust me, whenever the time comes around in a fete or party, and this song plays, please CLEAR THE WAY cause I will be getting on ‘dutty’ ūüėČ I’m serious. So, just for your listening pleasure here it is. Join me in the bacchanalist behaviour. *BustAPublish PostWine* and happy Saturday. Singing, “I ready for it…”


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