Lurvers, I’m a tad guilty of neglecting you. I promise you weren’t forgotten though. See, in just few days, I’ll be heading back home to Trinidad & Tobago for a true Trini Christmas. I’m hella stoked and counting down the hours. So, I’ve been busy shopping, shopping and oh shopping. Can’t complain about that because really, I think that it’s part of my life’s purpose. Seriously.

My last visit was in 2008 for Carnival and boy did I have a wonderful time. It’s like FUN 2.0 — on a whole ‘nother level. It is a totally different vibes at Christmas though but the energy is just as high. Great times to be spent with friends and family on the come up and I can’t wait. I’ll be posting from my vacay so in a way you’ll get to see what I see. In the meantime, peep some of my pics from my 2008 experience. 

Richard’s Bake & Shark on Maracas Bay. 
Raining and we don’t care. Wining like no tomorrow and it’s all in GREAT fun.
In a fete called Sunny Side Up — liming (hanging out) and having a blast  — even if it means taking a wine on the neighbor’s wall. 

Have you been preparing for the holidays? What have you been doing? I wanna know ūüėČ


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