Anya Ayoung-Chee has been busy, busy, busy. From designing fab pieces, making guest appearances and courtesy calls, the Project Runway Season 9 winner has recently joined forces with one of the most sought after carnival bands in Trinidad & Tobago, Tribe, to design her very own section for Carnival 2012 . The section, which is fittingly called The Runway,  is clearly the junction where Trini carnival meets fashion. Ya’ll   know that I have always been a die-hard supporter of Anya — just see herehere, and here . And with this venture, I’m still with her 100 percent. Actor, and musician Will Smith made it to the launch, which of course leads to hopes that both he and Jada Pinkett-Smith will make it to Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival 2012. *FingersAndToesCrossed* Here a few pics and a video (both official and behind the scenes) from the unveiling of The Runway

L-R Actor and musician Will Smith, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Tribe bandleader, Dean Ackin 
Oh boy, this video makes me yearn big time for Carnival 2012. The ending just leaves you in sheer anticipation. It’s a total “BOOM!!!” moment.  Can you see how we can go crazy for Carnival? All the beauty, revelry, fun…argh — this needs a whole ‘nother post. 

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