Thanksgiving Prepping

OMG lurvers, Thanksgiving is just a week away. Eeek!!! Screams!!! This year I have the absolute pleasure of  having our loving family over to our abode and seriously I can’t wait. I’m a chick who loves to entertain — a lime here (Trini lingo for ‘hanging out’), a lime there, and it’s all good in the Brooklyn hood.
The thing is, I always, and I mean always, want the apartment to look and feel a certain way. It should be inviting, warm, and reflect who we are as a family. Family photos, my art work, tones, textures, colors are all elements in which I still have to meld (since we recently moved to a wonderful apartment with ample square footage). It truly is a gorgeous apartment. Space is plentiful, which means some of our older items from the previous apartment are now dwarfed in the new space. It would be the most delightful happenstance for a sister gurl (moi) to have various shopping sprees at some of my fave spots — Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Lowes, and Home Depot just to name a few. Trust me people, I’m a riot lose my religion in those places. I’ve got it bad *UrsherVoice* that sometimes I’ll head to HomeGoods for a specific item and fill a cart with about 29 random things (that I don’t really need, need, but kinda need if you know what I’m saying), only to abandon said cart with 28 random items in some random aisle. #HangsHeadInCartAbandonmentShame 0_o  But in the past few weeks or so, I’ve been shopping with a real mission — put it in the cart, ring it up and bounce.
On my last visit to Target, Lowes and HomeGoods, I left with some gorgeous goodies. Just take a look at just some of the hold your breath beauties I scooped up.
Sequin, satin and colors that pop add an unexpected touch. Pillows were bought at HomeGoods
Got this hammered metal vase at Target. Do you see a shiny theme going on? Ha. Trust me, I’m a mess with it!!!
This 8’x10′ shag rug was a steal at $169.00, reduced from over $300. #Savings at Lowes can’t be beat.
Just a look at the space before the rug goes down (it won’t be before Wednesday cause Homey don’t play that!!!).
So there you have it. Much more updates to come since I have a lot to do. What do you think? What are you doing for the upcoming holidays? I’ll really like to know. 🙂


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