Designer Inspired — Tuff Gyal Bracelet + Bling Ting

Happy Tuesday lurvers! I hope your day is super smooth thus far. I just wanted to give you a little glimpse of what I did this past weekend. Well, this blog is about fashion, interior design (though I’ve been slacking on my interior design pimpin’), makeup, art and the creativity that comes along with all of that. I dibble and dabble in just about everything simply because I have a knack for it (and why the heck not?).

It’s been quite some time since I did something that can be considered crafty-ish. After all, these are ‘the musings from a Jill of creative trades’ no? So, over the weekend I set out to finally create — long overdue. And you know what? #ItFeelsGood *ToniTonyToneVoice* I created two items which I’m really diggin’ — a bracelet and an embellished netbook case. First up, the bracelet.

I probably haven’t mentioned it previously, but I’m a huge lurver of Honesty Jewelry and Giles & Brother. Honesty Jewelry has the boho, sparkle and fancy which I LURVE while Giles & Brother has that rugged and tough kinda beauty. 

So, I decided, “Hey, self why not combine the two look and see what happens.” After all I have nada too lose right? And the situation started off looking like this:
The beginning: Charms, washers, and bling
 Things are coming along quite nicely
A few twists and turns, here and there, and there you have it.
Gigi+Nini Style‘s first official jewelry piece — the Tuff Gyal bracelet. Like?
Tuff Gyal bracelet. Pretty snazzy no? I’m diggin’ it.

After completing the Tuff Gyal bracelet i had to totally jazz up a plain ole’ black net book case dear hubby bought me. Being the snazzy chick that I am, the basic-ness of it was not cutting it. I. Needed. Bling. My inspiration, Christian Louboutin bell embellished shoulder bag, available here.
Christian Louboutin Bell embellished shoulder bag – $1795
I made a stop over to my fave all stop supply store M&J Trimming . I want everything inside there –total insanity. I digress. So, I picked up some jingle bells and some chain link and got to work.  Here’s my net book case in all it’s black, basic and bland glory. 0_o Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Total snooze fest!

A close up. Gold. Bells. Shine — speaking my language.
Added the chain an #BOOM. A Christian Louboutin inspired embellished netbook case. Her name?  Bling Ting.
A view from another angle. 
And there it is. Gigi+Nini Style‘s Bling Ting (netbook case inspired by Christian Louboutin)
What do you think of the designer inspired DIY’s? Have you crafted anything recently? I’d love to hear.


  1. lol. Thank you Marley. It means a lot coming from you with yo' stylish self 😉 I'm making some more though since I had a few orders. so wasn't expecting it but hey 😉 It's very calming for me though. I love seeing the finished product. 😉

  2. Hey G!I luv the bracelet. *Stands in line for my Tuff Gyal bracelet* And the bag is now on a whole other level of class! Amazing what a few bells and chain can do! I keep telling people you don't have to spend a lot to look fly! 😉

  3. Hey makeup guru Miss Luxe 😉 Girl, thanks for the comment and compliment. I actually like making new things and re-purposing older items to make them gorgeous (while being functional). And that whole bag production cost under 20bucks. 😉 Can't go wrong there right?

  4. Thanks @TheFabChick. I actually made about 4 pieces by request — quite an invigorating feeling while making them. I kinda lurve it and I want to do some new pieces.

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