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Today I’m introducing a new feature to the blog — The Deets. This new feature will showcase The Deets (aka The Details) from the perspective of an industry expert. From fashion, to interior design, to art, we’ve got you covered! #POW

Today, it’s my extreme pleasure to introduce you to celebrity stylist LaToya Murray-Berry.  The stylish star stylist who has been working her craft for the past six years, took some time to chat with Gigi+Nini Style  and counts Amber Rose, Dirty Money, Puff Daddy, Jim Jones, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Beenie Man, Beverly Johnson, Kim Alexis, JeremiahDiggy Simmons (and new Atlantic artist) Hamilton Park  as some of her clients.

LaToya Murray-Berry – Stylist to the Stars
Courtesy Misha via Young Couture

The Dorchester, Massachusetts native shared, “Growing up, I went to private school, outer city high schools and graduated from Virginia State University with a B.S. in Psychology. My art teacher in sixth grade gave me my intro to designing. He would get me the Boston Herald and save the Filine’s ad and would have me trace the body figure and I began from there. Not to mention, growing up with an English mother, I understood quality and learnt how to handle my clothes with care.”

Old school flick — LaToya Murray-Berry.

I’ve always envisioned that a stylist would always being that cool kid with the freshest ish all throughout school. You know like that kid that always had the latest 23’s even before the world caught on to it? Murray-Berry confessed, “In a way. I was a Polo head in high school. 54 11’s were out (I had every color)… Having different color sneakers to match everything was definitely cool to them [classmates].”

Always stylish!!!
Image Courtesy: Misha viaYoung Couture Mag

Murray-Berry’s major career break came in 2005 while working on a fashion show with stylist Roger McKenizie which later led her to the hands of stylist Atiba Newsom and Eric Archibald — to whom she commonly refers as her “Fashion Godfathers.” And since then, she has trail-blazed in the fashion industry.

Murray-Berry lends her styling expertise to Rick Ross‘ latest album offering

From countless videos including Rick RossBMF (a personal fave of mine), Jim JonesPop Champagne, and Diggy Simmons Copy Paste, to working behind the scenes creating attention-grabbing looks for editorials in Essence Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, The Source, Vibe, and XXL. This stylish go getter continues to make advanced moves in the industry and continues to stay extremely busy when it comes to awards season with “a ton of BET, MTV and music award appearances.”

Hectic life no? Well, a typical day in Murray-Berry’s world goes something like this. “Waking up between 5-6 a.m, conversing with designers in different time zones, gym (some mornings), I blog, then I’m out in the streets seeing what’s new. Shopping, designing, magazine shopping…always thinking about the next thing. Or some days it can be image consulting or test shooting.”
With all the shopping involved, it sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me. But, what does it really take to be great stylist? Is having a ‘good eye’ for style enough? Research is everything. If not, how will you be able to understand what the world of styling is? Where did it come from? Being trustworthy [and] building relationships…in the world of styling, your name is your credit card.”

Of course, I had to inquire about her favorite resource websites and inspirations for the looks she creates, to which she replied, GQ and Also, it’s whatever I see from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Burberry Possum to whatever comes to me at that moment.”

As for added advice to budding stylists, she commented, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.”

Amber Rose for Hip Hop Weekly
Straight grillin’ with Amber Rose

Sound advice no? For more of Murray-Berry’s work, head on over to, hit her up on twitter @NUEAURA or reblog a post over at Tumblr . What do you think about about her styling game? On point right? Straight FEVER!!!

*All other photos courtesy LaToya Murray-Berry’s Facebook and Tumblr



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