ANYA AYOUNG-CHEE!  Season 9 Project Runway Winner!  I’m bursting with pride!

#TriniPride. Photo courtesy JayBlessed
You can tell from my overuse of those exclamation marks right!? No, really, I’m over and beyond the moon and so brimming with joy for Anya’s win. Her win not just for my beloved Trinidad & Tobago, but for the entire Caribbean. #OneCaribbean. We are proud!!!
Photo of Anya in her own design by Laura Ferreira
Now, this season of Project Runway was not your ordinary run of the mill reality tv show ish for me. This had value because one of my own made it. Ish was deep — no doubt. You see, it’s not everyday that you get to see a fellow creative Trini on prime time television making chit chat with supermodel Heidi Klum, designer extrodinarie Michael Kors, and style maven and Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine Nina Garcia — Trini accent and all. 
No. This was special from the very beginning.  Given the fact that she applied for the show on a whim and learnt to sew in four months made it so much more compelling to watch. Could she do it? How quickly would she progress? Well, week after stylish week she progressed and excelled like nobody’s business.
Anya Ayoung-Chee pictured with her sewing instructor, Delia Alleyne

And though the sewing bit was just one of the hurdles she had to come across, she had to pull some tricks out of her hat to pull through some challenges — like the time she lost her money at Mood Fabrics. She had to make do with what she had — stylish pants at $11.50. #Boom. Ingenuity. The girl reached for the stars and had not just a country, but a region reaching with her. 

Inspired by our beautiful twin isle Tobago, Anya’s collection had a definite chic and sexy resort vibe as shown here. I was truly inspired by the way she kept true to herself and her aesthetic. Easy, breezy, sexy resort. The use of beachy-looking sandals solidified the fact that she was showing ‘her’ collection.  #IslandVibes

Courtesy My Lifetime

I’m excited to see what more she has in store. How about you?



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