NICKI MINAJ. What can be said about her? Ok, she’s a famed rapper who is not afraid of wearing all the colors in the crayola box (at the same time); she can be a mother effin foul-mouthed monster on her collabos and solos; she has a thing for Harajuku, Barbies, Kens; she has a waist to hip ratio that can lead me to commit a Tonya Harding on a chick; oh and let’s not forget, she’s also a Trini. Last week, the web was set ablaze with a video clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show where the “Super Bass” hitmaker surprised two of her younger fans.

Nicki and the girls were super cute and in her reminder to them to always make sure and study, took me back to a time when my parents would tell me, “You like to sing? You better go and sing with your books.” The advice is universal. But, as she spoke to the kiddies, I thought, “Wow. She seems to be a really sweet girl.” In terms of her unique fashion sense, the look on Ellen seemed to be a descent toned down version most ‘recent self’ (pic below).
Of course maintaining some sense of individuality is key when trying to stand out in a crowd, but how much is too much? Within recent times, Minaj has astounded the eyes with some particulary eye-brow raising ensembles — tethering on the edge of costume madness. For example…

Exhibit A: Nicki Minaj at the Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 Show in New York
Exhibit B: MTV Awards 2011
More of the layered Pillow Pet and company madness
Exhibit C: There was this neon fried chicken piece.

It wasn’t always this way though. When Nicki just pounced on the scene, she was more of a ’round the way kinda girl — which was relatable. In the case of Nicki Minaj, less is can sometimes mean stunning. In the following pics from magazines scans where she is ‘toned down’ and ‘glamed up’, Nicki looks quite freakin ah-mazing!!!

Simply, I just want the chick to be great-er. Do you think her sense of style is holding her back some?  Is she stunning in less or more?
Images via Pinterest and Google



  1. I love her! I'm a huge fun! She's daring and some of the things she wears does make me shake my head, but it does work for whatever it is she is selling. I tell ya, you are easily forgiven for the shenanigans if you have real talent. Clearly she has proven herself bc she's landing the covers and getting the media attention that keeps her at the top.www.marleysimonestyle.com

  2. Hey Marley. Yes she's landing the covers and doing her thing in general. What I wonder though, is how much more successful (or not) she would be if she were less costume-y. She is a gorgeous chick and I love her. I do appreciate her more in less ya' know ūüėČ

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