Beauty Corner: Nailed It!

Hello my darlings. I hope you all had a great day today. It’s Monday evening and let’s just say that I’m so beyond happy to be home. Happy to the point where I’ve gone rogue and popped off my acrylics. 0_o. Yes, as in my acrylic nails. See, the thing is I was so TIRED of having to refill those suckers every two weeks. And though they were short and cute (I’ll have it no other way), the whole task of it got a bit much.
Now, anyone who has ever worn acrylics can attest to the following situation. Your nails grow out and they’re on the verge of ‘busted-ness’. So, the next step will be to visit your regular nail shop and hope that you’re not #10 in queue to have your not so cute nails done by your regular nail technician cause Lord knows you’re not gonna be the practice victim for the apprentice nail tech. OUCH!!!! Then, there’s the process: acrylics on; file; file some more; shape; buff…I’m officially tired.
So, I’ve found some inspiration nail design pics and created Gigi+Nini Style Fall Faves. My new marshmallow-like nails will thank me for it. Grrr!!!
As seen on the runway for Marc Jacobs, minx designs can always be that ‘go-to’ option
French inspired design with matte black
Matte black and glitter. Sweet!
I love the gradation of color here. It’s so very ombre.
If you’re daring you can add some feathers for some extra texture
China Glaze Matte and gold
Simple and on trend amped up with statement jewelry. I. DIG. IT.
Lace it up.

So there ya go. I’m definitely going to try the matte black and glitter. Any tips/tricks for having strong and fab looking nails for Fall? 

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