Beauty Corner: Sculpted Eyebrow Tutorial

Hey ya’ll, I’m here with the sculpted eyebrow tutorial and a lil story. Well remember from my last post I said thought that I was going to enlist dear hubby as my in house photog? Let’s just say at the time of the official shoot, I called the brother’s name and there was dead silence. *DEAD* Found out that dear hubby was knocked the hell out. OUT! #ColdBlooded *DaveChapelleVoice*. He was tired, poor thing. Now that my official unofficial photo was counting sheep in Lala Land I had to photog the looks. Thus, I’ve tried to get some half way descent bathroom flicks. It’s pretty simple and I hope you get something out of it. Now on to the official tutorial for beautiful sculpted brows. First up, the products and tools:
 1.   MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish Concealer in NC45
2.    MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Brun 
3.    MAC Cosmetics #204 Lash Brush
4.   MAC Cosmetics #212 Flat Definer Brush (I usually use and angled brush, but sistah can’t find it)
5.  MAC Cosmetics #217 Blending Brush (This is just for a little eyeshadow action. Not necessary for if you’re just doing brows)
6.   MAC Cosmetics Concealer Brush
*I primarily use M.A.C. products as I have M.A.C. Pro card and I get to use my discount. You can use what ever products you have available to achieve the following look. If you need great quality brushes on a budget, Sonia Kashuk for Target is amazing. 

Then it all went down like this:
Bare Brows (I’m in the process of growing in my brows since they got jacked the hell up from the people who ‘did nails round the corner’. You know what I mean.  No bueno! I now thread them and the’re growing in nicely.
Brush hairs into place using brush

Using brush #212 to add some of the MAC Brun Eye Shadow. (I usually tap the brush on the back of my hand to get off any excess product.)
Then I just filled in the areas that needed some ‘filling action’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Brow on the left is filled in, and clearly the brow on the right is not.

Next step, defining the arch using the concealer. 
Put a little concealer on the brush and follow along the arch you have created. Now, please use the concealer sparingly since it’s just to highlight the brow bone. 

This is the bare application of the concealer. Now, blending. I will sometimes use my finger to blend out when it’s just a little blending action needed. Note the difference between the left and right brows…#that$@itCray

Added my go to MAC Cosmetics  eye shadow in Amber Lights (from a different angle)
A little more blending…
Coming to come…
I’m. So. Done. 
About to get buck wild: Bathroom 2.0 style (I’m on another level ya’ll) ๐Ÿ˜‰ #DoingTheButterfly

My, “What you talking about Willis?!” face

And, that’s it. I hope you learnt something, even if it’s a little bit. Will you be trying the sculpted brow?Let me know what you think. Love ya’ll!!!


  1. Oh goody Adarna. I'm glad it worked out. The truth is in the concealer. Not to little, not to much. Will have more makeup tips then ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the input

  2. Thanks Marley. My brows are just reviving from all that corner store waxing. I'm really trying to get a thicker more natural look, something like yours ;). In the meantime though, this will have to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

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