Now on Heavy Rotation: Watch The Throne

Watch The Throne Official Cover
On Friday I finally got around to downloading the new musical offering, Watch The Throne, from Kanye West and Jay-Z. And after eventually accepting the fact that albums on iTunes don’t really sell to the tune of $9.99 as they used to, I digitally forked over the monies to the tune of $14.99 (say it with me, fowteen nanay nan). The choir just sang… Anyhoo, I’m so glad I bought it. I’ve been stuck on each and every single on it. The production, the beats, the metaphors, the swagger that these two heavy hitters possess make me a lil giddy with inspiration. I can definitely do a head bop to it — it’s so good. So good that when I went to bed last night my iPhone came along with me. I put those lil white headphones on, pressed that lil triangle to play, and just listened. Listened on rotation to point where I woke up at 8:55a.m. to the sound of Otis Redding’s voice (from the single Otis).
Official artwork for one of my favorite singles Otis featuring Otis Redding
So, this album right here, is officially on heavy rotation. In the meantime, enjoy the Otis video from 
hip hop’s latest dynamic duo. Superhero style. POW!!!

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