Empire State of Mind

Image by Giselle C. Thomas
Recently, I was going through some of my photos and came across the pic above. It was taken on one of those cool summer evenings when I was on my New York City high. At that time, my office was mere steps away from Bryant Park and my life in New York was so invigorating — Bryant Park, New York Public Library, shopping galore and great friends. I snapped this and thought, “This is what people come here for.” The hustle and bustle of New York is not new. The bright lights aren’t new. The quest for a better life, and opportunity is not new. What sets us apart as individuals in New York are our experiences. I have a mustered up a few but I still have so much more to go. I plan on making my stay in New York the way I envisioned it. It’s a must. I’m definitely on my Empire State of Mind flow. Happy Hump Day peeps.


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