Virtual Shopping: The HomeGoods Edition

Well, it’s another scorcher here in NYC, but I wouldn’t change it for the world (way better than a snow storm with snow all up the wazoo — I digress). I picked up a couple of items at the recently opened HomeGoods in Brooklyn (yay us) and snapped away at some of the items that wished I bought. Take a peek at some of the offerings…
Loved this lamp. I think I’ll get two for my mom nook.

This baby right here is so me. I adore it’s blingy-ness and the texture. Puts me in rock star mode.
An up close look. I see this and I think of Hermes Collier de Chien cuff bracelet
I’m such a sucker for nailhead trim *secretly, not so secretly wishing the color was magenta*
You never know when you may need a lil elephant in your life, better yet 3 elephants.
One of the cutest french presses ever.
I even came across this Gucci-esque printed lunch bag with accompanying lunch bowl and salad shaker.
This painting was just so bright, fresh and fun looking! The colors, especially the yellows and the pinks send me a bit batty. What would you have bought? Hmm?

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