Artist Ebon Heath Creates COMPLEX Magazine’s Beyoncé Cover

Sure the fashion blogs have been saturated with photos from the stunning spread of COMPLEX Magazine’s August-September 2011 cover featuring the talented Beyonce. The blogs are so very just in displaying the pure artistry of the cover. The photos are out of this world gorgeous. And although Mrs. Carter rocks some banging statement necklaces and artsy tees, I was so drawn into the actual artwork of the spread. Artist Ebon Heath’s typographic cover art is beautiful, fluid and looks like some  straight off the runway magical lace-like accessory Beyonce has effortlessly thrown over shoulders. Diva looks like she has some straight up “BOOM!!! BAM!!! POW!!!” powers.

In COMPLEX’s own interview with the Berlin-based artist, Heath mentions that he was inspired by the rich Carnival culture of Trinidad and by Trinbago’s very own mas designer extraordinaire, Peter Minshall. As a Trini, I can definitely see Minshall’s influence, particularly in the fluidity of the typography. Its form and visual movement is very similar to Minshall’s 1984 carnival Presentation of Callaloo. Check out Complex Magazine for the full interview. Peep the rest of the spread  as well as videos from both Bey and Heath.                      

HBTV: MADE – Typographic Ballet featuring Ebon Heath & Talib Kweli from HBTV on Vimeo.


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