TGIF Music – Beyonce Till The End Of Time

Woooooooo to the hoo!!! TGIF!!! And though I’m on a mini vacation, I can still enjoy the wondrous joy of all that Friday has to offer. Time to kick back, take a swig back (margaritas for the I), and enjoy the weekend that we’ve so rightly anticipated. 

Of course, just for added enjoyment, couple the swig with some nice music and it can be a truly woo hoo night. My song of choice? Beyonce’s Till the end of time. (Trust me I’m so gonna clear my living room and learn this number step by step. Head twirl – check; wining – check; Betty Boop quick motion steps – got dat; everything else — not so much. I’ll bust a mini sweat and probably my ‘good ACL’ in the ‘good knee’, but that’s alright. It’ll be all good in the hood. So for now, I leave you in the hip shaking, head twirling, booty shaking, hands of Bey. 

What do you plan on doing this Friday?
Be inspired to do something GREAT!

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