Welcome all to my lil ole blog. I’m Giselle aka Gigi aka G. They’re nicknames were given to me by my mum and my friends. Anyone who knows me well calls me G. Gigi is used more by my darling mumsy. So now that you have an idea where the Gigi part came from, you’re probably wondering, “Who or what the heck is a Nini?” No fear, Nini is my precious daughter’s nickname. The thing is, as a doting mum to a loving 4 year old (who’s wise beyond her years), I try to include her in most things. Makeup, fashion, bargains, interior design, art, DIY projects — they all excite and inspire me. I have dreams of grandeur for my family (inclusive of my “fo-ine” hubster) which I’m simply trying to achieve one step at a time. Here’s to hoping that my daily dose of fanciful, pretty, artsy, “D.I.Y.-ey” things excite you to the point of inspiration.

For good pictoral measure, below you’ll find pics of the fam. First up Gigi & Nini and Hubby & Nini.


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